Specialty metal distributor for prime and secondary stainless steel, prime and secondary aluminum, titanium, nickel, and other metals


At Cumberland Diversified Metals, our business relationships, understanding of current market conditions, and ample resources make us the go-to metal distributor for customers who appreciate competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.

We’ve been in business since 1985, buying and selling prime and secondary metals throughout the USA and Canada. We work to help you save significantly on your purchases or achieve the highest value on your dormant, surplus, obsolete, or distressed inventory.




As a specialty metal distributor, we maintain a large inventory of prime and secondary aluminum and also purchase excess aluminum. We specialize in aluminum coil, strip, sheet, and plate, but we also trade tube, bar, and structural products.

Popular aluminum grades include:

  • 5052: High-strength and durable. Stands up well in marine environments.
  • 3003: Excellent formability and corrosion resistance. Ideal for chemical equipment.
  • 3105: Formable, weldable, and corrosion resistant. Used for architectural sheet metal.

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Stainless Steel

Our extensive inventory of prime and secondary stainless steel is conveniently located in warehouses throughout the country. We are a specialty metal distributor focusing on stainless steel coil, strip, sheet, and plate, but we also trade tube, bar, and structural products.

Popular stainless steel grades include:

  • 200 series: Non-magnetic and economical. Suitable for utensils and food handling equipment.
  • 300 series: Non-magnetic and corrosion resistant. Common in food processing and medical equipment.
  • 400 series: Hard, magnetic, and wear resistant. Frequently found in tools and cutlery.

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Metal Processing

In addition to being a specialty metal distributor, we also offer aluminum or stainless steel sheet, plate, and coil processing services, such as cutting to length, shearing, and more.

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Large Inventories

We stock prime and secondary stainless steel and aluminum in warehouses located across the United States in Cleveland, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, New Jersey, Seattle, Los Angeles and other strategic locations, making us the right metal distributor to contact for buying or selling. If we don’t have what you need, we can usually find it through our extensive network of suppliers.

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Why Cumberland Metals?

We have an extensive inventory of prime and secondary stainless steel and aluminum in warehouses across the country.

Outstanding customer service

We’ll help you find metals quickly if you need them right away, watch the market to save you money and help you get the best value for your surplus.

Competitive pricing

Whether you’re looking to purchase prime or secondary stainless steel or aluminum, or convert your excess metal into capital, we offer pricing competitive with current rates and well above your local scrap rate.

Expert market knowledge

Our experienced staff stays up to date with changes in the market, so you can purchase at the best price or get the most value for your surplus material.

Abundant resources

If we can’t find what you’re looking for in our extensive warehouse inventory, we can source it through our network of prime and secondary metal suppliers.

Want to purchase or sell stainless steel or aluminum sheet, roll, plate, coil, or other products? Contact us today and experience our world-class customer service for yourself.

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